Real Estate Insights Family Edition

By Frank DiMattina

Last Thursday 10/29 my colleagues and I did a podcast on Real Estate insights, family, and what Staten Island is all about. This was my first podcast, and I was exceedingly excited to talk about all the different topics we were going to discuss. We introduced ourselves and where we grew up, I am a native Staten Islander born and raised. Also we talked about what we did as kids, what was my sister and I relationship back then and now. My favorite question was one advice to give to first time home buyers? You're going to have to watch the podcast to hear what I have to say about that lol. As a Real Estate agent there are ups and downs, me being a young agent I have great support around me to guide me in the right path so I don't make any mistakes. This was my first podcast but not my last, I had so much fun talking expressing my opinions and being with great people. I hope to be on the podcast again who knows maybe I will have my own podcast one day. I can talk into specific detail about the podcast but I want you to go watch it! There will be a link below to watch it, make sure to like subscribe and share your thoughts on what you think. If there's any questions or assistance you need, in or out of the Real Estate field leave an email/number otherwise you can click the chat option in the bottom right of the page and chat with me. I hope you guys enjoy my short blogs I will keep posting every week, if there's any topics you would like me to write/make a video about let me know!

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