Hit Your Weekly Goals!

Hello, my name is Frank DiMattina from Casandra Properties inc. I am a real estate Agent in Staten Island New York, and what I've started to do was write down my weekly goals. Some of my weekly goals as a real estate agent consist of sending out my weekly email to all prospects, posting on social media weekly, and listening to podcasts. Everyone's weekly goals will be different, you need to find your "why" as in why are you doing these weekly goals. I will tell you a little bit about why I do these three things.

One, I send out weekly emails to stay in contact with prospects, the more I stay in contact and see what I can do to help others the better chance they will remember my name. Potential clients may not be ready to purchase real estate right away, it may take them months before even looking. That is okay and why I do weekly emails to stay in touch. I am also here outside of real estate to help anyone in need. Two, why posting on social media is affective for me. Again I am a real estate Agent, I need to be active so people don't forget me. The last thing I want as an Agent is a family member or friend buying/selling with someone else because they didn't know how active in the real estate field I was, also it helps for exposure. Three, I listen to podcast/Youtube video for knowledge and extra motivation. You can never know too much, learning something new daily will help anyone as a person and gain knowledge that you didn't know you needed. Take that extra knowledge and put it to good use. For example your job, goals you have, or just life in general these are all things you can take that knowledge you gained and be successful. Motivation is also fantastic to have while trying to achieve these weekly goals. You may want to give up or simply lack on your goals and this is why I suggest to watch/listen to a podcast or go on a short Youtube video.

These three weekly goals I use help me grow as a person and my personal brand. It helps me grow as a person because it disciplines me to stay consistent on daily routines. Growing my personal brand is also important because I can succeed in my career and help others achieve goals they have. For example I worked with first time home buyers, after closing and them receive those keys the smile and happiness they have is touching knowing I helped another family from start to finish achieve a massive goal in life, which is purchasing a home. If I can help you by all means send me an email/text, call me anything works let's work together.

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